Party mining pool

Dear miners, today we are once again expanding our service. We have heard your suggestions and present to you: party mining!
For those of you who remember our story about Peter and Maria — now Maria has a real chance to mine together with friends on a private pool, distributing profit among themselves*.

Party mining on — what is this?

Thanks to party mining you have a possibility to combine your hashing power and mine together, but at the same time you shouldn’t worry about profit distribution. will do that automatically depending on hashing power of each user.

Party mining on — how to use?

First, you need to create unique password. Passwords “bsod_rulezz”, “bsod#1” are hard to brute force but not really unique**. (:
After you have created your password, just add it to your miner configuration: “m=party.<PARTY_PASSWORD>” in the password field.

CMD\BAT file for party mining would look like this:

-a <ALGO> -o stratum+tcp://<location><PORT> -u WALLET.worker -p m=party.<PARTY_PASSWORD>

Don’t forget to share your password with your friends! As soon as they add it to their mining software — you will immediately start mining together on your own private pool.

How to monitor party’s mining stats?

Additional info is accessible from the wallet page by clicking on the “Extra” column:

Here you can find info about every wallet which belongs to this party and check its stats:

*Recommended computing power 1% of the network or more.
**Password: 0–9 and A-z




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The official blog account of mining pool

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