How to mine Ravencoin?

How to mine RVN (Raven) after the KawPow fork on BSOD Pool?

  1. For starters, pool doesn’t require registration, you just use wallet address as username. You need to get RVN wallet address. We recommend using any official wallet, you can also use exchange address at your own discretion.
  2. Next you need to download* a miner. Following miners have been tested and are recommended to use on our pool:
    *If you’re using HiveOS, you can just select miners in Flight Sheet after selecting bsod pool!.
  • (NV+AMD) kawpowminer* v1.2.3 or newer (open-source, no fee), nvidia driver 441.20 or newer required;
    *under ethminer fork on HiveOS
  • (AMD) nanominer v1.9.1 or newer (2% fee);
  • (NV+AMD) NBMiner v30.0 or newer (2% fee);
  • (NV) T-Rex v0.15.2 or newer (1% fee);
  • (NV) TT-Miner v5.0.0 or newer (no fee);
  • (NV) Gminer v2.09 or newer (2% fee);
  • (NV) z-enemy v2.5 or newer (1% fee);
  • (AMD) TeamRedMiner 0.7.2 or newer(2% fee);
  • (AMD) WildRig 0.24.1 or newer(1% fee).

Possibly supported, but not recommended yet:

(NV) DamoMiner 2.6.9: not tested

3. Extract miner and edit .bat file, by opening it in Notepad, changing wallet address with yours.

3.1. If you downloaded miners from the links in this article above, you can skip this section.

You can use our .bat generator or make one yourself!

Raven KawPow miners launch parameters examples:

kawpowminer -U -P stratum+tcp://<WALLET>.<WORKER> -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLLET>t-rex -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp:// -u <WAL>.<WORKER>TT-Miner -coin rvn -P <WALLET>.<WORKER> -a kawpow -s -u <WALLET>.<WORKER>

For nanominer instead of .bat files you have to use .ini configuration files:

; Address to send funds to. Change this address to yours!
; Coin to mine.
; (Optional) Rig (worker) name.
rigName = test
; (Optional) Rig password.
rigPassword = x
; Pool address
pool1 =

By default, nanominer will start with settings from config.ini file, if you want to use multiple configuration files, create a .bat file in a same folder and run it like that:

nanominer config_rvn.ini

4. You can check your stats here, by providing your wallet address.
You can also use our Android and iOS apps for monitoring!




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The official blog account of mining pool

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